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Cutting-Edge Wearable Technology from Skagen

For some, the elevated luxury of a classic timepiece isn't enough. Fear not: Our line of Skagen wearables is here to bridge the gap between fashion and wearable technology. With Skagen smartwatches and activity trackers, you can wirelessly track steps and water intake, plus set goals and monitor your progress through an iOS- and Android-enabled app. Skagen's wearable technology also utilizes haptic vibrations to send notifications from your smartphone straight to your wrist, keeping you informed without being disruptive. And you can further customize your wearable tech by designating a choice group of people to receive notifications from and using the embedded LINK technology to take photos, call your phone when you've misplaced it or control music. Skagen smartwatches automatically update to the correct hour and date and allow you to view the hour in a second time zone of your choosing with the simple push of a button, ensuring seamless travel while you jet-set between time zones.

Skagen Wearables Help Simplify & Streamline

What's one of the best parts about Skagen wearable tech? It runs on a standard coin cell battery, so there's never any charging required. But there's beauty on the outside, too; you can customize your Skagen wearables with a variety of interchangeable straps that include comfy silicone, steel mesh and nylon options in a wide range of colors. Because our technology is housed in classic casebodies that look like traditional timepieces, Skagen wearable tech accessories are a testament to understated subtlety.

Get The Most Out Of Your Wearable Tech

Skagen wearable technology blends simple design with intricate functionality to provide a line of wearables that can help bring order to many facets of your everyday life. With Skagen wearable tech, you won't have to sacrifice beauty for technological function. Instead, enjoy both—and take it a step further by customizing your wearable to suit your own monitoring and notification needs. You'll never have to choose between modern capabilities and innovative technology; Skagen wearables embody both.