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Get Personal With Skagen Smartwatches

Skagen smartwatches are designed with a few principles of Danish culture in mind—hospitality, family, friends, laughter and community, to name a few. With a Skagen smartwatch, you can define personalized notification settings to include the family and friends most important to you. You can also use our smart watches to stay connected with loved ones in another time zone by choosing a second time zone setting, and displaying it with the click of a button. A smart watch unlike any other, our timepieces blend thoughtful, simple design with high-tech functionality to create beautiful and efficient hybrid smartwatches you'll wear for years to come.

A Smartwatch Designed With You In Mind

Everything we do at Skagen has purpose, and our smartwatches are no exception. Designed to streamline your day-to-day life by making everyday things like activity tracking and sleep monitoring a little simpler, each smartwatch comes equipped with a variety of capabilities and personalization options for you to utilize and enjoy. And the quick-release-pin construction makes straps easy to interchange. Our smart watches are intentionally designed to keep up, and each is equipped with a built-in standard coin-cell battery that lasts up to six months so you'll never have to slow down.

Smart Watches That Help You Stay In Sync

Looking for a collection of hybrid smartwatches that will bring a whole new level of functionality to your timepiece? Skagen has you covered with a family of tech-equipped wristwatches that will simplify your day to day. And with one of our smart watches, you'll be able to receive alerts from your smartphone in a snap. Just choose a leather, silicone or steel-mesh band, download the Skagen app on your iOS- or Android-enabled device and start tracking your activity. As soon as you do, we're willing to bet that you won't be in a hurry to take off your new smartwatch.