Black Bracelet with Recycled Charcoal Beads


Black Bracelet with Recycled Charcoal Beads

SKU SKJM0232060 SKJM0232060

Product Details

Sku: SKJM0232060
Closure: Slider
Primary Color: Gunmetal
Material: Stainless Steel
Measurements: Length: 250mm, Width: 6mm
Silhouette: Bracelet
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Beaded bracelets

This bracelet features EcoAllene™ recycled plastic beads, gold and silver-toned stainless steel accents, and a slider closure.


The iconic, clean design makes it easy to layer back to watches or jewelry or simply wear as a stand-alone statement piece.


A for-everyone design in universally flattering shades.

A Skagen product box inside of an open Skagen shipping box


Includes a reusable pouch made with 100% linen and a drawstring made from 100% FSC-certified paper. The boxes and packing paper used to ship to our customers are made from 100% recycled content.