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Our New Arrivals Are Here

Every season, Skagen introduces exciting new arrivals to our collections for men and women, and adds innovative features and styles to renew our core selection of watches, bags, accessories and jewelry. Check back with us every new season—or just keep an eye on us all year long—and you'll see our collections' details and materials evolve and expand while still remaining true to our core principles of Danish design. These simple, minimalist, functional nuances are found in our unique leather bags, interesting accessories and jewelry, which are all inspired by our signature slim watches. Stay tuned to learn more about new arrivals, and how to get the most cutting-edge selection of our top-quality products.


Whether you're shopping for wearables, watches or leather goods for men or women, you've come to the right place to stay updated about our new arrivals. Each of our collections celebrates Danish design principles and draws inspiration from the seaside village of Skagen, where the North Sea meets the Baltic Sea. Our new arrivals always aim to combine the inspiration of a modern, minimalist perspective with contemporary innovation and technology. That's why you'll always find functional, purposeful, high-quality new arrivals that have been engineered to keep you connected and stylishly modern throughout every season.


Our products are designed purposefully and with thoughtful attention to details, keeping in mind the village of Skagen's natural beauty and communal spirit. New arrivals to our collection include products that have been made to engage, intrigue and delight you. From signature watches, smartwatches and wearables to bags, accessories and jewelry for both men and women, you're bound to find a few must haves among our new arrivals—plus a few reasons to stay tuned and keep checking back for more top-quality goods in the coming seasons.