Miranda Watkins Polished Pewter & Silk Ribbon Tree Ornament (Vertical)

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THE DESIGNER: London based Miranda Watkins creates unique, innovative objects that bridge the boundaries between design and art. Her designs are striking, thought provoking, sometimes playful and always pleasing. Watkins work has been exhibited internationally and can also be found in the permanent collection of the The Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

THE BACK STORY: Watkins works closely with local, highly skilled craftsmen and engineers to bring her designs to life. Many pieces are made of Pewter, an alloy of Tin, the 4th most valuable metal. Modern pewter doesn't contain lead. It will not tarnish and it's safe for use with food and drinks.

OUR TAKE: We Chose Watkins's designs because her sensibility so clearly aligns with our own. With their clean lines, innovative shapes and tactile appeal, these objects wonderfully complement our own.

ABOUT THIS FIND: Sheen is a collection of contemporary, deluxe, pewter ornaments, created in a highly reflective, lustrous finish. Handmade in Sheffield, using the spinning process, touch marks are engraved in the surface of each design indicating the designer, maker, material and city of creation. The Sheen Collection includes: polished pewter & silk ribbon Tree Ornaments (Vertical + Horizontal)


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