The Bradley Timepiece

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At Skagen, products that are both thoughtful and accessible get the highest marks, and the Bradley speaks to both those criteria. To begin with, the timepiece is named for Lt. Bradley Snyder, a soldier who lost his sight in Afghanistan. A swimmer, Snyder went on to compete in the 2012 London Paralympics and won two gold medals and one silver. And just as Snyder's story is inspiring, so is the story of this tactile timepiece. Designed in collaboration with the visually impaired, the Bradley works by touch as well as by sight, with two ball bearings tracking the hour and minutes. This makes the Bradley perfect for discreetly telling time during business meetings and in dark movie theaters. Eone (short for “everyone”), the company behind the Bradley, put its concept on Kickstarter with the intention of raising $40,000. But the design had far wider appeal than Eone anticipated, and brought in almost $600,000. We're pleased to count the Bradley among our Inspired Finds.


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