Playtype's Hand-Glazed Ceramic Mugs

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THE DESIGNERS Jens Kajus and Jonas Hecksher are an award-winning Danish design team that delights in the style and sophistication of communicating via typography.

THE BACKSTORY We asked the Playtype team, proprietors of a concept store in Copenhagen: “What sets Danish typography apart?” Their answer? “Typography design is a unique discipline, because the object is so laden with meaning. During the last decade, typography has become tremendously globalized as designers increasingly share their work digitally. Still, Danish typefaces always stand apart, exemplifying the Danish design philosophy. 'Form follows function.'”

OUR TAKE Because we love the way they think about type and how it relates to Danish history culture, we asked Playtype to custom-design a new typeface for Skagen Denmark. True to form, their approach to this challenge was deeply considered: Here's what they had to say: “Our main inspiration for the bespoke Skagen Denmark typeface came from Skagen itself: its light that has drawn so many creative minds up north.”

ABOUT THIS FIND Playtype's hand-glazed ceramics mugs (height: 85mm) are available in letters A- Z as well as the three unique Danish letters, Æ, Ø and Å. About this collection: The Wave Mug Collection is one of four mug collections Playtype produces that celebrate their love of typography.


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