A Skagen watch with a blue face and black strap and an image of the ocean in the background

Since 1989, we’ve been inspired by Skagen City and the Danish coastline.

We’ve embraced Danish minimalism, creating slim styles and colour combinations that reflect tranquil coastal living. It’s a style that’s still resonates with us today. Denmark has much to celebrate. As we honour our heritage, we’re expanding our range of influence to include other significant areas of relevance.

A colourful set of Danish row houses

We are Danish

We are a Danish brand with a Danish point of view. The landscape is the inspiration for how our products are designed and also connects us to our vibrant culture that influences the way we manufacture, collaborate and do business, all of which reflect our distinctly Danish qualities.

a landscape view of a beach and blue skies


As firm advocates of global citizenship, we’re continually monitoring the social landscape – from the people to the planet – to evolve our brand and keep up with the times through positioning and innovation. We aim to make an impact by being environmentally friendly and socially aware.

Read more about our mission here.

hand-drawn grass decor art
a watch designer measuring a watch case over a table of design schematics and tools

We design with intention

We believe good design and attention to detail define our products while also considering our customers at each step of our process, to ensure we’re making meaningful products that stand the test of time. At the same time, we’re continually pushing boundaries to incorporate new sustainable practices and manufacturing methods into our products.

hand-drawn compass decor art