About Skagen

We are a contemporary lifestyle brand, and believe in modesty, purpose, and
accessibility. We make functional designs inspired by the simplicity of the
Danish lifestyle. Our products are of the highest quality. Through simplicity and
honesty, we hope to offer the world an escape from complexity and a breath of
fresh air.

Our hometown, the seaside village of Skagen, Denmark, has a way of life that
embraces simplicity in a complex world, and inspires all we do.

Founded in 1989, Skagen is present in nearly 80 countries worldwide and online
at www.skagen.com. Our lifestyle product lines include watches, jewellery,
leather accessories, gifts, and home goods.


We use minimalist design and functional
thinking to create timepieces that will last
for years.


Inspired by the sea, we design refined jewellery
collections with simple shapes, soft curves and
elegant looks.


Our functional leather goods are both relaxed and
refined and can go with you anywhere.

Home Goods

We carefully selected a set of Danish-inspired
items that surprise, delight, and inspire.