Choosing the Right Wrist Watch

What Wrist Watch Features are You Searching For? 
It's been said that some watches exist to tell time, while others do more; they tell the world what sort of person you are. One of the most expensive watches ever sold, the Chopard 201 Carat, certainly did this; featuring 874 diamonds, the piece sold several years ago for $25 million. 

You don't need to be a millionaire to make a statement with your watch, though. Most watches are really about understated elegance, rather than placing an emphasis on dripping diamonds and jewels. Surveys show that 60% of Americans still wear a watch. Are you looking for a new watch, but not sure what to get? Here is an overview of wrist watch features and types to help you decide. 

Luxury Wrist Watches

  • These watches are typically characterized by a subtle show of opulence. Most bands for men are made from leather, silicone, stainless steel, gold or titanium. Ceramic is an additional option for women.
  • Prices for luxury watches can range from $100, to $100,000 and even higher, and the right watch really depends on what someone is looking for, and of course, what their budget allows. Diamond detailing and 18k gold bands will be more common in the higher-end options.
  • Although styles can vary, most popular for luxury style watches are a fairly wide analog clock face with a more narrow strap. Luxury ladies watches right now often feature an oversized clock face.

Sports Watches

  • Sports watches often have extra features incorporated into their design. While they might not hit the sky-high prices of luxury watches, sports watches can often be a bit more pricey because of their sports-related features.
  • A chronometer is one key feature many people look for. This allows watch wearers to clock mile markers, running time, and laps. Some watches allow you to record times and information as well.
  • Most sport watches today are water resistant, making them easier to wear during water sports, boating, or anything that might get someone a bit wet in the process.
  • Research your watch options to find the best fit. Various sports watches can tell you your heart rate, the weather conditions, your speed, GPS technology, calorie-tracking, and more.
  • Unlike luxury watches, sports watches usually have digital faces.

Do you know what wrist watch features to look for in your next watch? Let us know in the comments.