The Perfect Gift

Gifts are hidden away as the Christmas holiday approaches. Anticipation builds. Sunday, November 30, the julekalender or Advent calendar begins. Each of the 24 days of Christmas brings a tiny surprise. 


A layer of frost descends overnight. By daybreak the ground is glimmering a metallic blanket. Another moment of enchantment in this magical season.

Holly Berry

In winter when most trees are bare, the Holly stands out with its bright red berries. During the season, Danes decorate their homes with holly branches and nisser, the mischievous red-hatted elves synonymous with Christmas time. Children wear crowns and candle-adorned Kristtorn Bær to honor St. Lucia, the saint said to have brought light and food to the needy. 


In the harbors of both Skagen and Copenhagen, the ocean tides cause icy blocks to break and refreeze into prism-like patterns, each remarkably unique in its form.


Ella Leather Fold-Over 

Season's Greetings

Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.