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Where Horizons Meet: Our Installation at the Mandarin Oriental Celebrates Denmark + Japan

By Lisa Gabor

In January 2015, Tokyo's legendary Mandarin Oriental Hotel becomes the spirited center of contemporary Danish design in Japan.

Situated in the center of the hotel’s majestic 38th floor lobby, Skagen unveils its soaring installation, created to highlight the aesthetic values shared by Denmark and Japan.

Danish design culture has been shaped by Japanese influences for over a century. Among these influences are an intrinsic need for simplicity and functionality, a profound love of nature, and a deep respect for natural materials and traditional, artisanal techniques.

These shared stylistic influences are the foundation of the installation’s design. Created by Uxus, the firm behind Skagen’s new stores in London, New York City and Frankfurt, the striking concept reflects and celebrates the affinity between Danish and Japanese design cultures. In fact, the installation physically illustrates the meeting point of two horizons. Furnishings are designed to echo nature with a seascape of soft grey felt pebbles hanging from above and, below, tables that suggest sea-smoothed rocks on a beach.

Crafted entirely from natural materials, the elements of this space invoke the essential qualities of nature and balance and, through its architecture, to illustrate the values that speak to both cultures: simplicity, refinement, honesty, delight, form, function and the integrity of every local culture. 

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