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Searching for the Best Hot Dog in Copenhagen? Hit the Streets!

By Jonathan White

Visiting Copenhagen for the first time with my girlfriend, I was told that no trip was complete without biking through the city, having a beer along the Nyhavn Canal, and sampling the local cuisine. After a single day in the city I learned that bikes always have the right of way, it is far cheaper to bring your own beer to Nyhavn, and that “local cuisine” referred not to tasting menus at Noma but to a hotdog.

The Danes take their hotdogs very seriously, offering three main variations: polse, ristet, and fransk. Ordering a hotdog will get you just that, a hotdog, with the option of getting a dinner roll on the side. Ristets, on the other hand, look more like your standard hotdog but twice as big. Ristets come with several topping options, which include mustard, remoulade, fried onions, fresh onions, and pickles (ketchup is frowned upon). Ristets are best when piled high with every option. If you are craving a little more bread, you can order a fransk. These hotdogs are served like jelly donuts except the “donut” is a baguette and the “jelly” is a hotdog and your choice of sauce jammed inside. Whichever option you choose, you’ll be pleased with the sweet taste of the meat and the satisfying snap of the crisp casing.

The best places to order are from pølsevogn (the Danish word for sausage wagon) that can be found on most major streets... or if you are anything like my girlfriend’s Grandfather, from the stand in the airport right after landing.

— Jonathan White is a New York-based book editor. He recently visited Copenhagen for the first time and thought, “This calls for a Carlsberg.”

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