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Two Wheels. One Big Idea: Velorbis Bikes of Copenhagen


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The Velorbis “ride in style” cycling concept was born when the company’s two founders, the Danish Kenneth Bødiker and Swedish Christian Linde, began their hunt for a top-quality, classic-style urban bicycle that reflected the elements of Danish design and cool Copenhagen cycling culture. Unable to find what they were looking for in the industry, they chose to design their own. Here, Bødiker tells us what makes these bikes uniquely Velorbis.

What drives the brand?

“Danish Design is a style of functional design, respect for quality materials and attention to detail…and simplicity. We use this basic design formula when we design our Velorbis bicycles. We all love to look and feel good in everything we do, and that also applies to riding a bicycle. One of our trademark features is the traditional lugged and brazed bicycle frames, individually hand-made in Germany.”

Who does Velorbis design for?

“Velorbis designs bicycles and bicycle accessories to meet the needs of stylish city commuters. Most notably, this includes an increased need for storage solutions on two wheels—the ability to safely carry a couple of shopping bags and a handbag while chatting on your mobile phone, for example…and to look good while doing it. Our bicycles are perfect for transporting kids, groceries, boxes, containers, surfboards or anything else you can safely fit onto the bike. Plus, our bicycles are used all year round, sometimes in extreme weather conditions.”

So what we have is a “green” bike from a “green” country.

“Denmark is a leader when it comes to fighting climate change. By 2050, the country aims to be fully independent of fossil fuels and plans to meet 100 percent of its energy needs with renewables, creating more jobs, increasing exports and reducing its energy dependence. This also ties into Velorbis’ aim to support sustainable living in an urban world by backing green transportation initiatives. We want to encourage as many people as possible to adopt a stylish two-wheeled approach.” 

Is the cycling movement gaining traction elsewhere?

“Different countries have different stages of cycling cultures. Not many have designated bicycle tracks like Copenhagen, but we see an increased amount of cities building infrastructure for bicycles as part of making urban spaces more livable and user-friendly. We also see more and more bike-sharing programs developing. When more cyclists are on the roads, motorists become more vigilant and slow down—hence making bicycling a much safer commute.”


Prices for Velorbis bicycles start at 1,000 euros and go up to 2,700 euros for an electric model.


velorbis.com   |   Email: info@broendums-hotel.dk

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