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Introducing: Skagen Times Square, Our First New York City Store


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Skagen’s first New York store—in Times Square, to be exact—opened on September 2nd. There was a lot of drilling, sawing and painting as we put on the final, finishing touches. But now that the racket has settled down, the result is astounding—an oasis of calm, smack in the middle of Manhattan.

Nicknamed The Crossroads of the World, three of Manhattan’s busiest streets—Broadway, Seventh Avenue, and 42nd Street—intersect at Times Square. Our store, located at 1585 Broadway, on the corner of 48th Street, sits in the red-hot center of it all. And yet…

Step through the door and you’ll immediately feel the connection to Skagen, Denmark— the village from which we take our name. Every detail of our store design celebrates the serene beauty of Skagen’s landscape. Each of the materials we chose (weathered oak, sisal carpet, wool felt and white stained wood) creates the overall feeling of warmth and friendliness, the essence of Danish style and the expression of hygge.

Many stores today are built around a complex architecture; instead, we chose to keep it simple, focusing on the interior and fixtures. Our goal? To simplify construction and pare down on waste. This eco-friendly approach, along with the natural materials we chose, hark back to the tenets of Danish design that inspire all that we do. (To read more about this, and our design, CLICK HERE)

We're excited about finally opening our doors and inviting you in. After all, that’s why we chose this location. So we could invite the most people, visiting from countries the world over, to experience first-hand what we value so highly: the beauty of contemporary Danish design.


1585 Broadway New York, NY




Photographed by Luciana Pampalone