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Materials We Love: Rose Gold

By Lisbeth Levine

Feminine without being showy, rose gold exudes worldliness while bathing skin in a becoming blush. It references the past yet looks thoroughly modern. Its warmth – a contrast to the cool elegance of silver – makes it stand out as a sophisticated alternative to other metals.

“It’s a color that brings a bit of exuberant elegance to the everyday,” says Mariza Scotch, chief creative director at Skagen.  “We think of rose gold as a warm and flattering color, like the glow just before a sunset.”

What gives rose gold its distinct hue? Copper. The gold used in jewelry and watches is an alloy that combines a specified percentage of gold with a mix of silver, copper and sometimes other metals. Rose or pink gold simply contains a higher level of copper than yellow gold.

Popularized by the Russians in the 19th century and originally known as Russian gold, rose gold was beloved by the Victorians for its romantic aura. In the 1920s, the Trinity ring debuted, combining bands of pink, yellow and white gold (with pink gold representing love) and that helped ensure this gold’s place among the ranks of the stylish. While it fell out of mainstream design in the latter part of the 20th century, it has recently experienced a comeback that has made it more popular than ever.

Particularly flattering to those with yellow or warm undertones to their skin, rose gold lends itself to mixing and matching, blending seamlessly with gold and silver. In fact, Skagen uses a rose gold IP-Plating to achieve the pink tone that sets it apart from other shades of gold.

“We appreciate the way rose gold looks against natural materials and neutral colors,” says Scotch. It serves as a natural complement all the shades of blush, pink and ivory clothing.

How to maximize its modern appeal? With sleek, sculptural shapes that play up the contrast between this metal’s romantic past and bright future.

Note: Skagen uses rose gold IP-Plating in its jewelry making process.

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