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Introducing the Hagen, Our New Single Case Body Watch Style


Here’s an interesting fact not everyone knows: Copenhagen, the name of the city, is derived from two ancient, Danish words meaning trade and harbor. “Copen” refers trade while “Hagen” refers to harbor. Just like Copenhagen, Skagen is a harbor town—a place where business and pleasure, the refined and the relaxed, meet. In a nod to these connections, we’ve chosen Hagen as the name for our newest watch style, debuting this fall.

“What we wanted to do with Hagen is create a new, modern and sophisticated watch style that speaks to the true modernity of the Skagen brand,” explains Thomas Bennedsen, Skagen’s Senior Creative Director. Equally, says Bennedsen, “We wanted to create a watch that would look great in a big city environment yet easily translate to one that’s relaxed.”

The Hagen’s clean, straight lines and geometric shaped arches create a watch that can be described as both refined and relaxed. In keeping with Skagen tradition, it’s a clean look.

In designing the Hagen, Bennedsen and his team focused attention on the watch’s side profile and how it resembles a horizon. With the horizon in mind, Skagen’s first monocoque style came into being. The term monocoque, or unibody, is used to describe a watch case cast from just one piece. The watch itself is composed of only two pieces—the top ring and the back of the watch and lugs. Here, the lugs are rounded and almost look like a metal bar bent around the edge of the case and, in effect, flowing into the case creating the appearance of a very clean horizon.

It’s an elevated watch construction, Bennedsen points out. “The launch of Hagen syncs with the debut of Skagen’s Fall 2015 collection. The case body is specifically designed to express the new outlook of the brand and it’s designed with the same sensibility, sophistication and attention to detail you find in our new leather bags,” he says.

The Hagen is available in three sizes: 40 mm, 34 mm and 20mm. The 40 and 34 mm feature a sub-eye on the watch face that counts seconds. The 20 mm also exists as a triple wrap bracelet and two individual watch heads, making it a dual time version. The watches are available in colors black, gold, rose gold and silver stainless steel. Watches issued in our small debut collection will have “first edition” engraved on the back of the watch case.