About Us

Our Story

Rooted in the place where style meets simplicity, Skagen is a lifestyle brand inspired by the contemporary Danish design movement. Quality and a sense of purpose are the hallmarks of modern Danish design and these characteristics define what we do, too. Our streamlined styles are infused with warmth and character—making them unmistakably inviting. Unquestionably Skagen.

Our source of inspiration flows from the seaside village of Skagen, Denmark. Life in this age-old fishing port, where the North and Baltic Seas meet, speaks to a centuries-long continuity that informs our craft, our customs, our culture, and our products.

Founded in 1989, Skagen products can be found in 80 countries worldwide and online at skagen.com. Our offerings include watches, jewelry, leather accessories, gifts, and home goods.


Our Products

Functional and minimalist in form, the products we offer reflect our high regard for the principles of contemporary Danish design. Our streamlined timepieces are conceived—and constructed—to last. Our bags and leather goods, with their clean lines and supple materials, are made with everyday needs in mind. Our jewelry designs, featuring simple shapes and soft curves, take their cue from Skagen’s two seas and the Grenen shoreline. Our products speak to quality, and each in its own way furthers our aim of delivering the best design to the most people.

In the Press

We’ve connected with like-minded individuals from around the world who share our admiration for the values behind contemporary Danish design. Read our press page to find out more about us through what others have had to say.


Skagen is committed to ethical and responsible conduct in all of our operations and respect for the rights of all individuals. We expect that our business partners will share this commitment. We strive to ensure that human rights are upheld for all workers involved in our supply chain, and that individuals experience safe, fair and non-discriminatory working conditions.

At Skagen, environmental responsibility lives in every corner of our business. We understand that before we can affect our carbon footprint, we must first understand what our footprint is. That’s why we go the extra mile to monitor closely the materials we use, the factories we employ, the energy we consume and the initiatives we implement. New ideas are developed constantly to include a more environmentally friendly version of the idea before it, and we don’t plan on stopping this exercise anytime soon.

Global growth no longer refers only to our sales goals; it’s an opportunity to sustain (and even augment) the earth’s health. Because let’s face it: We owe every penny of our business to the earth we occupy.

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