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Their 13 Favourite (Danish) Things—Camilla Stærk + Helena Christensen Share Their Picks

Helena Christensen chooses Thorvaldsen Museum (above right). She and Camilla Stærk both count Karen Blixen’s House (above, left) among their favorites. See what rounds out their other Danish picks below.

Photo, above left: courtesy Karen Blixen Museet; above right: courtesy Thorvaldsens Museum, photographer Jonals Co.

Camilla Stærk

Karen Blixen’s House, Rungsted [above]
(Karen Blixen, known by her pen name of Isak Dinesen, is the author of  the memoir, “Out of Africa,” about her life in Kenya, and is one of Denmark’s best known writers. Both Stærk and Christensen cite Blixen’s home as one of their favorite places in Denmark.) “Her house is near the Louisiana museum. It’s also called Rungstedlund. It is her childhood home that she returned to die in. It is exactly as it was when she lived there. They use the same bouquets on the tables.”

Photo: courtesy Karen Blixen Museet


“This is an open-faced sandwich on thin black rye bread. You eat it with different toppings. It is the first lunch I have when I go home. I like the pickled herring with raw egg yolk and onions, the pickled beet root and radishes.”


“I love Danish furniture and this street in Copenhagen is full of antiques from the 1930s through 1950s and 60s. I love that.” (Two favorite designers are Poul Kjaerholm and Kaare Klint, especially his leather safari chair).

Café Victor, Copenhagen [above]
“I always go here when I am in Copenhagen. It is like a Parisian brasserie – like Balthazar Café in New York, but smaller. It is a place I went to when I lived in Copenhagen and now when I go back it signifies that place in time.”

Photo: courtesy Café Victor

“This is one of the oldest bars in Copenhagen. It’s known for being a jazz bar. I used to go there with my dad. It is beautiful in a historic way.”


The silent film studio at Nordisk Film complex
“The oldest silent film studio in the world is in Copenhagen. I did a look book there.  It is in the suburb of Valby.” Asta Nielsen was a famous silent film star from Denmark. Karl Lagerfeld was inspired by her. 

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Humlebaek [above]

“This is an art museum in the north, on the coast. It’s part of Zealand and you can see Sweden across the Oresund Sound. They have amazing Giocomettis and Calders. The physical building and gardens are stunning. It is the most beautifully-placed museum in the world.”

3 photos: courtesy Louisiana Museum of Modern Art


Helena Christensen


“This is a very old restaurant in Tivoli Gardens. They serve the ultimate Danish food. What I loved when I was little was that it was in Tivoli, this amazing amusement park. There are hot air balloons in hand-blown glass in different colors. I’ve been going so many years and I always ask the manager if he will sell me one.”


“This is an old maritime dish sailors would eat when they were out at sea. It’s not gourmet. It’s meat and potatoes boiled into an unrecognizable mash. What’s good are the condiments you put on top – the pickles and capers.”

Thorvaldsen Museum [above] 
“This museum is in the middle of Copenhagen. It’s a visual experience that blows your mind. The statues, by Bertel Thorvaldsen, are  all in white. The building has very high ceilings and they are in cobalt blue. It is all natural light. The museum is grand and slightly cool in temperature. It’s like you are in another time zone.” 


We have the longest pedestrian street in the world in Copenhagen, Strøget. It has lots of side streets radiating off of it, like Laedergade, which means leather street. They don’t sell leather goods, but it has the most beautiful stores selling books, clothing and other things.


Piet Hein
“He wrote tiny little poems that all rhymed and made so much sense. His way of thinking is that all you need in life is to have justice and reason. He did drawings of just four or five lines to illustrate. I have one of his signature drawings tattooed on my right leg. It is a dandelion seed flying off.”


“This is the ride up the coastline. It is magical. You drive up from Copenhagen and you see the most beautiful houses. You go by Elsinore (Hamlet’s castle), Karen Blixen’s house, the Louisiana Museum. It’s very Danish to have a little cottage up this way and to go on Friday and come back home on Sunday. All of my best memories come from that time in my childhood when we did that. Whenever I smell pine, I am transported to that time.”

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