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Why We’re Crazy for 'Mad About Copenhagen' on Instagram

By Lisbeth Levine

When you’re hungry for the latest dish from Cophenhagen’s dining scene, tap into  the 2-month-old Instagram account @MadAboutCopenhagen, where succulent images and succinct captions celebrate the local fare.

Overseen by 20-year-old British expat Hazel Evans, Mad About Copenhagen celebrates the independent food scene and strives to spotlight under-the-radar finds. And while such Danish staples as rye bread, herring and beer aren’t ignored entirely, the photos and captions showcase the cosmopolitan nature of Copenhagen’s offerings, from gourmet pizza to late-night shawarma.

All images: Mad About Copenhagen + original accounts


What’s behind the name: “Mad” means “food” in Danish, so the name is a clever play on words.

About @MadAboutCopenhagen: A lifelong foodie, Evans moved to Copenhagen in January 2014, and started the account in September to make it easier for people to find locally owned, off-the-beaten path restos, cafes, bars, bakeries and coffeehouses. There’s not an ounce of snobbery in her choices: She has featured a fish stall at the central market, a food truck and a dessert vendor at Tivoli Gardens. “Whenever I travel, it’s exactly what I look for and never exists,” says Evans. “I would do hours of research to find some quirky local restaurant.” Meanwhile, the fellow travelers she would meet were planning to head to McDonald’s or Starbucks because they didn’t have the energy or motivation to do the research. She adds new content once or twice a day and already has almost 5,000 followers.

How she chooses her subjects: She started by writing about restaurants she knew, then tracked down enticing photos on the internet. Evans has since broadened her scope, but she’s careful to vet each place by checking out reviews and social media posts before she features it. Although she recently posted a photo from Noma, the acclaimed Copenhagen restaurant that pioneered New Nordic Cuisine, her usual emphasis is on the undiscovered, though she admits “It takes a lot of effort to find the ones not putting themselves out there.”



Who is it for and what’s next? Evans’ captions are in English, so it’s suited to travelers and expats, though locals will comment in Danish and many contribute photos. The posts are as much about food news (the next hot ‘hood for restos or an opening) as they are about specific dishes. She is working on a Mad About Copenhagen website to attract foodies who aren’t on Instagram and to put her multimedia design training to use (her day job is developing webstores for an internet start-up).

Why Instagram? Evans sees it as the ideal social media outlet for a food diary since it’s visually appealing and each place featured has a geotag -- one tap and you can see it on a map. In addition, followers can tag their friends when they spot a place they want to try.



Recent Highlights:

- Evans calls the “famous duck confit sandwich made by the lovely Frenchmen” at Ma Poule inside the food market at Torvehallerne KBH “a Copenhagen must.”

- While conceding that “this place hardly needs promoting,” she couldn’t resist posting “the most gorgeous chestnut and roe dish” from Noma.

- Kebabistan “one of Copenhagen’s best kebab shops.”

- Gourmet pizza from Gorm’s, including half-pizzas rolled up: “the perfect on-the-go lunch.”

- Brunch at Wulff & Konstali -- “it lives up to the hype.”

- The “incredible pumpkin sour” from Neighbourhood, which focuses on organic pizza and cocktails.

- The smørrebrød, Denmark’s version of an open-faced sandwich, at Aamanns, where it might involve avocado with lemon emulsion, picked onions, cabbage and cress.

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— Lisbeth Levine is a Chicago-based writer who recently discovered the lusciousness of Danish kringle in the Wisconsin city of Racine.





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