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The Moon and the Stars: Universal Constants that Inspire Us All

In cultures the world over, the night sky is symbolic of a connection to place. Celestial bodies, with their fixed positions in the sky, have helped guide sailors and explorers safely home, while the moon, with its cycles of waxing and waning, has inspired reflection about the passage of time.

Mariza Scotch, Skagen’s chief creative director, has worked with her team to celebrate the importance of the moon and its phases in daily life. Here, her take on Skagen’s moon-themed products and their connection to the crucial sense of place that centers humanity.

Q: What is the significance of the reference to the moon and its phases?

A: We became interested in the moon because we wanted to connect with the brand’s sense of place. Skagen is on the tip of the northernmost area of Denmark. It’s a fishing village and the culture there is a culture of navigation. The boatyard and navigating the water is a basic part of life. When we think about keeping track of time and where we are in the universe, we look up at the sky and the moon.

Q: So in a “big picture” sense, watches are connected to the moon?

A: Yes. Fishermen were able to find their home bases with simple tools; they looked up at the moon and were able to get home. The connection with the moon and the ocean is part of the Skagen brand. It is not just the moon that goes through phases. People like to mark the passage of time.

Q: How does Skagen’s design work emphasize that idea?

A: The women’s Gitte Moon Phase Watch, for example, is a romantic update of one of Skagen’s most enduring styles, the Gitte.  The name Gitte—it means “radiant” in Danish—offers a new narrative, suggested by the design of the dial. In this case the story is told through the crescent-shaped cutout on the face with an image of the moon and the stars in the background. The skyscape suggests evening, possibility and the universe available to us all.



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