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Textures We Love: Facets

Even the stillest body of water reflects and refracts light, a testament to the infinitesimal waves rippling on its surface. Facets—from facettes, the diminutive of “faces”can be used in jewelry design to create a similarly dazzling effect.   

Gem-cutters often use faceting to refine a stone and reveal its inner brilliance, raising its value along the way. A perfectly cut stone—with potentially dozens of facets—is incredibly luminous, giving off that coveted resplendent sparkle.

Our love of all things faceted manifests itself in the new Leonora collection. (It’s no coincidence that Leonora means “light” in Danish.) According to Senior Creative Director Thomas Bennedsen, the beveled bezels on these watches were inspired by fields of geometric ice like those that form in the harbors of Copenhagen and Skagen. These unique formations are the work of ebbing ocean tides, which wash over blocks of ice, breaking and refreezing them into prismlike patterns. “We are interested in the duality of ice,” says Bennedsen. “It is fluid and organic, yet simultaneously geometric and precise—and that juxtaposition is integral to Danish design.”

Winter’s palette can be muted and grey, but as Bennedsen points out, the sight of a field of geometric ice is instantly energizing. “It is a very pure and crisp expression of the Nordic landscape. Against a blue sky, it’s intensely bright.”

This vision of freshness and optimism comes back in the Leonora collection, which features a combination of faceted-glass and ceramic bezels, in both matte and highly reflective metallic finishes. Juxtaposed by minimalist numerals and the clean canvas of each dial, it’s inevitable that this subtly glimmering texture will catch your eye.

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