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Our New Store Design Channels the Essence of Skagen


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The Skagen experience has an inherent connection with its homeland in Denmark, the eternal horizon and singular light. When designing the collection’s new home, every decision was guided by this relationship.

Oliver Michell, chief creative officer and architect at the firm UXUS, spearheaded the Skagen store project. “It all started with a line. We thought, ‘How do you capture the essence of what Skagen represents?’ and we realized a strong horizontal line spanning across the store would perfectly embody the magic of this place. It is, after all, the land of endless horizons.

“Following this idea, displays for jewelry, timepieces and leather goods seem to form a landscape along the horizon, like the ships and roofs dotting the coastline. All of these individual pieces create a whole panorama that invites exploration, much like the many personalities that give Skagen village its unique character.”

Celebrating the serene beauty of Jutland's landscape, materials were chosen to convey a sense of its light and softness. Sampled directly from nature, unique textures and surfaces such as weathered oak, sisal carpet, wool felt, and white stained wood create a warm and approachable environment, reminiscent of Skagen beaches.

Says Michell, “Our task was to revisit every detail, every form and every surface of the store environment, always focusing our attention on the Danish love for simplicity and a human touch to design. Pebble-shaped tables, armchairs, and a signature Skagen chandelier add homey touches to the pared-down design, and most importantly that feeling of hygge.

Below, photographs from our new London stores.

The Skagen chandelier, custom-designed for our stores

Materials were chosen to convey a sense of light and softness

Weathered oak, sisal carpet and white-stained wood create an environment reminiscent of Skagen beaches