Signature Style

A Selection of Skagen Designs that Celebrate the Danish Love of Cycling

By Eileen Daspin

In Denmark, cycling is part of everyday life. In cities, like Copenhagen, it’s the way many people make their daily commute. Cycling is healthy for the country, for the riders and for the environment. This season, Skagen celebrates cycling with the Ancher Mono watch, the Tornby commuter bag and a book about a lovable cartoon mosquito, Egon.

The Ancher Mono Watch 

There’s a special energy to the city that travels by bike. As commuters pedal from home to work, from office to shop, from school to dinner with friends, there’s a sense of both common purpose and independence. The city is striving to be humane, responsive and responsible. The Ancher Mono nods to that spirit of shared values. An update of a classic Skagen watch case, this edition of the Ancher incorporates references the world of cycling. The face of the watch, with its minimalist style, echoes the wheel’s efficient, essential rim, and sixty lines markings minutes, its spray of spokes. The single hand represents the air gauge of a pump, one of the cyclist’s most indispensible tools for a smooth efficient ride. The Limited Edition Ancher Mono, available on its own, is also available in a Limited Edition Box Set that features a bike pump, bike bell and trouser strap alongside this special edition of the watch. Only 25 of these sets have been issued.

In all its iterations, the Ancher Mono is the most functional and elegant of timepieces, designed with the absolute least number of elements necessary to be effective. “If art is subtraction, we have subtracted everything that is unnecessary,” says Skagen’s Chief Creative Director, Mariza Scotch. The hour is displayed in a small window on the watch’s face, and a single hand travels the dial pointing to the minutes so that it is extremely easy to read at a glance. In the Ancher Mono, Skagen fans will find a watch that speaks to simplicity, quality, form and function.

The Tornby: A Bag Designed for the Everyday Commute

The Inspiration: It is a universal challenge for cycling commuters: Where to stash the day’s essentials – wallet, lunch, tablet, documents, keys, phone—while navigating city streets and sidewalks. Skagen’s Tornby bag is designed to allow cyclists to move agilely through traffic busy bike lanes.

The Function: The Tornby defines multifunctional. It can be worn three ways – as a sling pack, as a shoulder bag, or folded over the handlebar of the bike. It, of course, can also be tossed in a basket if the rider happens to have one.

The Design: This new commuter bag is pared down as well as functional, a soft rectangle crafted from supple leather. The lines are simple and elegant with no extraneous details. The adjustable shoulder strap is wide for comfort and support, and an exterior zipper provides easy access to small, essential items. Best of all, a cyclist can access the zippered compartment even while wearing the bag.

The Commuters: Men love it. Women love it. But, the Tornby is not an item for the competitive racer or extreme mountain biker. It is designed for professionals, craftspeople, students and other residents for whom cycling is a way of life. The Tornby makes their mornings, days and evenings easier to maneuver. It’s convenient. It’s stylish. It integrates professional life and cycling life.


Who is not inspired by playfulness, levity, the youthful at heart? The mischievous cartoon mosquito Egon captures the element of whimsy in Skagen design. From the moment he pedaled out of water and onto land in Flemming Quist Møller’s 1967 picture book, Cykelmyggen Egon, this loveable bug enchanted young Danish readers and their parents.

The story made clear Egon was unlike the others in his swarm: "When all the baby mosquitos hatched, they flew out of the water, but Egon rode his bike," the book opened. Egon introduced toddlers to the joy to be found in leisurely biking, racing and tasks like helping bees transport their honey on a Danish Long John cargo bike. He didn’t talk about cycling, he just did it. As he rode from adventure to adventure, Egon brought to life a Technicolor world, delighting in his discoveries.

Today at Skagen, “Egon reminds us to have fun,” says Chief Creative Director Mariza Scotch, who compares Egon to the smiling worm in Richard Scarry’s popular children’s books. He is a symbol of the playful rebel and the irreverent joy found in Skagen design. This season, we look to Egon as a guide to the exuberant possibilities of life and an illustration of the whimsy found in biking around a beautiful city. We’re pleased to be offering the book, Cykelmyggen Egon, as one of our Inspired Finds.