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Ditte Fischer’s Fashionable Forms for Everyday Elegance


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Ditte Fischer graduated from Denmark’s Design School Kolding in 1995. Her goal? “To make products that are as simple as possible, yet at the same time…display a very strong attitude.” Clearly Fischer has achieved her aim—and then some. Not only are her clean-lined, curvy objects collected by fans around the world, they’ve also been exhibited at Denmark’s Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. Here we asked the artist who inspires us to share a few of the things that inspire her.

Why did you choose to work in ceramics?

“I chose ceramics because I love the material. I love the life in it. You never know if the form you’re making is going to be as you thought or if it’s going to become something completely different than you had imagined. I’m working in a style that’s very graphic, very simple. And it can be very difficult to make these graphic shapes in clay because, well, the clay has a very ‘lively’ life of its own. It’s always a challenge!”

How does the Danish design ideal live on in your work?

“I think my work is very Danish in its look. Most of the colors are cool. Then there’s the way I work with the materials. The surface is unglazed and it’s very Nordic-looking. I use glaze, but I use it on the inside. This use of matte and the glaze is, I think, very Danish. It’s the way we’re playing with material, the way we get nature into our products. That’s what I like about Nordic design and what I’m trying to do with my own products.”

Where are your pieces made?

“I’m part of the Copenhagen workshop where all my products are made. I’m here working daily, on all aspects of the production, and that gives me a very good feeling for the material I use and the things I make from it. All my products are made by hand. And yes, we even make the clay here, and the glaze. All of it we make ourselves, all by hand.”

What about your Danish roots remains important to you?

“Danish design is about putting quality into the products. Denmark has a long tradition of making quality handcrafts, and continuing this tradition is one thing I’m really proud to share with the next generation. What I’m doing with my work is showing the younger generation you can have a good life making quality products and putting them out into the world. That’s something I’ve learned from having my roots in Denmark.”

Describe a recent project.

“I’ve just made bowls and plates for tapas and I’m really looking forward to getting them out. They are raw outside and glazed on the inside. I can’t wait to see them being used!”


You can stop by Fischer’s workshop to choose from among the full range of her ceramics. Not planning a trip to Denmark soon enough? Visit to purchase the designs online.


Struenseegade 15A, 2200 Copenhagen   |   45-3535-2629