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Inspired by Nature: Danish Home Design Goes Green


By Helen Russell

There’s something green in the state of Denmark. As well as being one of the most environmentally friendly nations in the world, with a reputation for clean energy, recycling and eco tourism, Danish homes get a botanical makeover during the spring and summer seasons. How? By bringing the outdoors in, through interior design, textiles and prints inspired by nature.

“I’m seeing a lot of interest in plants and nature-inspired designs in people’s homes, in interior stores and online,” says Danish interiors expert and textile designer Pernille Møller Folcarelli who creates textured botanical prints.

Sofie Boersting, a designer and illustrator based in Copenhagen, agrees: “People are fascinated by natural interiors and many are even creating whole feature walls of botanical prints or wallpaper in their homes.” Sofie’s own hand-drawn botanical elements and nature-inspired collages appear regularly in the Danish press and have been selling out across the country.

So why are we all going green for 2015? “I think with social media and all the technology in our modern lives, sometimes we need to step away from our screens and see something green,” is how Pernille puts it. “We’re also busier than ever before and more of us live in cities, so having botanical and nature-inspired designs in our home is soothing. It helps us feel a sense of peace and harmony - and it’s been proven that looking at motifs from nature can be calming,” she says, adding: “Some of my botanical prints have even been bought by medical clinics, because it’s recognised that nature can be healing.”

For Sofie, it’s about getting back to a simpler way of life. “We used to think we’d be walking around in space suits by 2015 but actually, we’re going back to basics,” she says: “We’ve really embraced organic food in Denmark; New Nordic Cuisine has popularised foraging again; and now we want a return to nature in our homes.” Both designers agree that there’s something very Danish about this: “We’re a small, formerly agricultural country but we have these long winters where we’re indoors all the time,” explains Pernille: “botanical-inspired prints and interiors pieces are a great way to have nature in our home all year round – and you don’t have to worry about keeping them alive, unlike houseplants!”